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Looking for a new Partner!

I am currently looking for a person to help me grow the Ga. Media Services company and brand.   Ga. Media Services currently manages about 25 digital advertising displays in Macon, Warner Robins, Hawkinsville, Fort Valley, Eastman, Vienna, and East Dublin.  We are an existing company with clients and customers utilizing our services for many years now.

However, as my other businesses have continued to grow and require more of my time, I need an energetic, tech-savvy individual that would like to explore the entrepreneurial world.  Basically, I am looking for someone to run and grow this company for a percentage of the profits.   The potential is HUGE!

For the right person, an ownership percentage would be available.

This person would be in charge of sales and sales people (hiring and managing), and customer support, scheduling the advertising that clients purchase, and technical support of the equipment (TVs and computers located throughout middle Georgia).   My staff will handle billing and ad-creation.

I am looking for a self-motivated and confident leader.   Someone that I can train and turn-loose.   If I had time to hold your hand, I could just do it myself.   This can be a full-time or part-time venture for someone.   Whatever time you would like to invest in it.  You need to be a people person and a technical person (hard to find BOTH).    Interested parties should email me at


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