Dilapidated Housing Update

A few years ago, The City of Hawkinsville started the process of cleaning up dilapidated housing in our community.   It is a safety issue.  It is an economic development issue.  It is the RIGHT thing to do!   A community group identified about 100 houses that are vacant and past the point of repair.   We appointed a group called HURA (Hawkinsville Urban Revitalization Authority) to prioritize this list.   Then our codes enforcement and the city’s legal firm team up to write the necessary letters and file the necessary paperwork.   Often, the property owner simply does what is right and removes the dilapidated house.   Sometimes, the municipal court judges forces them to do it.   Still other times, the do NOT obey the court and the judge gives the city authority to remove the house.   If it reaches that point, we bid out the cost of removing the structure.   The winning bid amount is then entered as a lien against that property, so that eventually, it must be paid.

This post is simply to update you on the progress..   Please read my previous post on this subject for  more information.

As of December 1, 2011:

34 houses (1/3 of our original goal) have been removed

22 of these were completed with NO city dollars – the property owner removed the structures.

12 of these have been paid for by the city, and appropriate liens placed against the properties.

4 more are in the process right now of meeting court deadlines.

We have also had 37 unclean lots cleared up.

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I am a serial entrepreneur. My interests include website building, monetization of websites, and local politics.

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