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Hawkinsville / Pulaski Animal Control

I am very embarrassed to admit that although I have been on the city council some 13 years, I had never visited our animal control shelter.   A few weeks ago, our office cat went missing so my wife Vonnie went to the shelter to see if Butch Chafin (our animal control officer) had picked him up.   He had not but Vonnie came home upset about the number of animals at our shelter.   Butch does a good job but we (the city and county) have not given him the tools, resources, knowledge, or facilities to run that shelter in a first class manner.   There are too many dogs for the number of cages, cats are in the same building, adoption procedures need to be improved, and some animals were reaching end of their allotted “time.”.

So this put Vonnie on a mission.  And when Vonnie is on a mission, guess what?  Shelly is on a mission.    I visited the facility and then visited a great facility in Cochran in order to compare.      We have LOTS of room for improvement.   However, I want to let everyone know that improvements have already started – things work SLOWLY in government but great things ARE going to happen.

  1.  Vonnie got a great home for one of the dogs and then posted pictures of the other dogs and that got re-posted on Facebook.   Now several of the dogs have been adopted.
  2. Fencing is being donated to the city and our workers will install the fencing at the facility in order to give the dogs a place to run and provide a holding pen.
  3. We are taking a large portable building there and will convert it to the cat facility in order to separate the dogs and cats. (Update:  We are adding to the existing structure rather than moving this portable building)
  4. We have pronounced our facility as a NO KILL shelter.
  5. One of my fellow commissioners has gone and visited the facility in Perry.   We plan on having ALL commissioners visit our facility as a group in January.
  6. We plan on working with groups such as the one in Cochran to get plans and procedures in place to get all animals adopted and cared for.
  7. All animals will be posted on a city maintained animal control Facebook page to help adoptions and lost pets.
  8. We will find some training for our animal control officer to attend.
  9. I plan on putting in next year’s budget (July 2018 – June 2019) enough money to renovate/expand our facility and make it TOP NOTCH.   We will improve the conditions.

Hawkinsville is a first class community and even our feline and canine citizens deserve first class care.

City Water Issues – 2017

pipe break



I want to personally thank our city crews for doing such a great job during this time. As most of you are aware, we had a major break in a 12′ pipe that feeds the prison. Pipes break: It happens. When a feeder line breaks, it only affects those down that line, but when a major line breaks, it affects everyone on city water. Our crews found the breakage (in the woods between the river and the prison) and worked till early morning hours in waste deep water to resolve this issue as soon as we could. We were blessed to have on hand the materials and pipe that we needed to replace everything. Our crews worked diligently until the problem was resolved. Then as is required, we opened up hydrants all around town to “flush” our system, just in case any contaminants got into the system from the break (rain water, mud, etc.). Flushing the system removes the present water and replaces with fresh water from our wells. During the time of low water pressure, sedimentary water from other lines also can backup into the main system. Again, flushing the water resolves that. At your house, you often need to let your water run for a few minutes anytime we have issues that cause low pressure.
This happened on a Sunday Night. We were notified Monday that this was an issue that legally would requi


re us to test the water before we could KNOW that all was safe. We immediately notified facebook, radio, and local TV stations. (we did NOT attempt to call everyone or post notices on everyone’s door as has been suggested on facebook – this is not practical). We notified all local reporting places AND facebook.
This issue caused a lot of heartburn to our local restaurants and for this the City apologizes, but again, it was really out of our control. Pipes break. The Health Department is who required the restaurants to shut down until our water could officially be tested. We took the water to a testing center in Cordele as quickly as we possibly could. The testing center took until today to give us the ALL CLEAR. Again, there was nothing we could do to speed up this process.
All in all, I think the city handled this well. We are looking into ways to better notify our citizens of things like water issues and inclement weather, etc. Our local EMA is looking at purchasing a ROBO CALL system to alert the citizens for inclement weather (the sirens no longer work and are uneconomical to repair.)   If the county purchases such a system, it is our hope we can use it to alert city residents of issues like this water break.   
Several facebook posts suggested that we should have somehow foreseen the issue before it happened.   We do have OLD pipes and we DO routinely inspect, clean out, and look for issues before it becomes major – but still things do happen.   Our entire North Water Treatment plant needs updating ($2,000,000 cost).   We are looking for grants etc.   The state has tentatively agreed to forgive $500,000 of a $2,000,000 loan that we will get from them to update this plant.   That’s awesome!   The remaining balance will be paid by the slight (10%) increase that we implemented this year on city water accounts. (and we still have much lower fees than our peers).    We attempt to fund depreciation to the best extent possible each year when we do budget.   AND WE STILL HAVE THE LOWEST MILLAGE RATE OF ANY TOWN AROUND.   We could replace ALL of our pipes.  The water would be cleaner, the issues less.   HOWEVER:  Replacing these pipes would cause down time (nobody wants that) and the cost would be HUGE!!!   So, we inspect, replace as necessary, do the best that we can without increasing taxes and fees any more than we have to!


If you see a city worker – tell them JOB WELL DONE!   They worked in the mud and woods late into the night so that our citizens could get back to life as normal.   Things happen.   We respond.   We do the best that we can!

Information on the Housing Market in Pulaski County

As a Real Estate Appraiser, I am keenly attuned to the upturns and downturns in the Real Estate Market.   Especially as it affects Pulaski County.   I thought I’d give a brief overview on the current and historical sales information for homes in our area.   I found it interesting, I hope you do also:

The Median home values for homes in Pulaski County is $86,800.   (National median home value is $185,800).   The county is currently experiencing a 0.2% appreciation rate compared to the national average of 3.7%.

The Median age of homes for Pulaski county is 35 years (National average is 37 years).

53.3% of Pulaski Citizens own their own home compared to 56.3% nationally.

31% of our homes are rented with 15.7% of them vacant.  The average rental cost is slightly over $600/month.

Our unemployment rate is 6.0% which is down from 9% in 2011.  We have also gone from a -6% job growth rate to a +2.0% job grown rate in this same time period.

We sold about 49 homes last year in Pulaski County, with a median sales price of around $105,000.   Homes tend to sale at about 95% of their listing price.  Homes tend to sit on the market for about 45-80 days.    3 homes sold last month for an average price of $135,500 but they sat on the market for an average of 164 days.

*This data was compiled from Central Ga. MLS.   Not all home sales go through this MLS.   Many are owner sold directly without a Realtor.  Not all Realtors report to Central Ga. MLS.  Therefore, this information is incomplete, but it does serve as a trend analysis.


You asked for it…. You got it….

shellyisms_cover_for_kindleOne day, several years ago, I saw or heard something that amused me.  For whatever reason, I decided to post that funny on Facebook.  Well, both of my kids went ballistic!  “Daddy, NO! You are embarrassing us. Don’t you dare post something like that on Facebook!” Well, all that did was put fuel to my fire.  I thought, “I’ll show them.”  So, I started posting some silliness every day.  It was just my way to bug my kids.

But after a while, it seemed to catch on.   If I failed to post for a day, people would call or text or email saying, “Where’s my Shellyism today?” So, the journey began. Now for more than six years, I have been posting a funny to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. (Yes, some of us still use Google Plus.  All six of us enjoy it.)

I was often asked, “Why don’t you write a book – these are hilarious.”  So, I finally decided to do just that!   I have taken 365 posts and published them in one collection.   The result is “Shellyisms”.  My first book! (Bucket list item – CHECKED!)  It is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.

I would love for you to check it out.  If you like it, please leave a review on Amazon!

The sun is shining bright on Hawkinsville!


Things are looking GOOD in Hawkinsville.   A new day is dawning.   For many years we at the city have been working to improve our tax base, our quality of life, and our economic outlook.   We are now seeing the fruits of those efforts.  I’d like to spend a little time with you highlighting some of the results…..  Here is my TOP TEN items that I am excited about with our little town!

  1. H&V:  Hollingsworth and Vose has announced a MAJOR expansion.  They are investing MILLIONS dollars on a new building along with new equipment (AND LOTS OF NEW EMPLOYEES).   The city worked on this project for about 2 years.  Many late night discussions and even a trip to Boston.   It ultimately came down to between us and a Northwestern US city.   The city and state stepped up to the plate with a $1.5 MILLION dollar cash incentive ($1 Million city, Half a million state).   The county and school board stepped up to the plate with a 10 year declining tax abatement on the new project.    These incentives were enough to tip the scale in Hawkinsville’s favor.   And we got it.    $1 Million is ALOT for a small town like Hawkinsville.   But supporting one of our largest private industries and largest employers was important.   Also H&V is single handily our LARGEST natural gas buyer from the city.   And the expansion will VASTLY increase the amount of gas that they purchase from us.    We are paying for this incentive through the increased gas sales and utilizing the money that we WERE paying toward our spec building (The spec building was paid off this summer), and using the increased city property tax payments from H&V (the city did not offer a tax abatement on this project).    This expansion is a HUGE WIN for our small community and proves that when we all work together, we can accomplish great things.
  2. Cherokee Brick:  WE SOLD OUR SPEC BUILDING.   Cherokee brick is a great company located in Macon, Georgia.  They are a huge company.   But at their current location in Macon, they really have no room to expand.   Hawkinsville native Michael Peavy is the president of Cherokee Brick.   We went to Macon.  Cherokee leadership came here.  Ultimately they decided to expand in Hawkinsville.  Brickyard Solutions will be the name of their Hawkinsville facility.  They purchased our Spec building on Highway 247 for a cash purchase.   This puts the building on the tax rolls.   This facility will eventually create some 40-70 jobs.  This gives us some money to put toward additional economic development.   Brickyard solutions will purchase utilities, including natural gas, from the city as well as pay property taxes.  But the main benefit is JOBS!   I have been saying since first getting on city council that our primary need is JOBS!   They hope to begin production as early as January!
  3. TAYLOR VILLAGE:   Our old Hospital is falling down.  It’s dilapidated.  It’s an eyesore.   It’s sad to drive by and see a facility that so many of us Hawkinsville Natives were born in, cared for in, and many even died there.   Its a local landmark.   But it is falling down.    Previous efforts, from both local groups and outside groups have failed.   It seemed to be a lost cause.    TBG Residential from Atlanta saw the potential.   We worked with TBG on grant issues, zoning issues, parking issues – everything.   We eventually came up with a plan utilizing both low income housing tax credits and historic tax credits.   And just last week, DCA (Ga Department of Community Affairs) approved the plan and will issue the tax credits.   The total project will be an 11.2 MILLION DOLLAR investment into Hawkinsville.   There will be a total of 68 units in the Taylor Village development consisting of a mix of unit choices and styles for residents.    The historic former hospital will be converted into 34 units which will be a mix of 24 one bedroom units and 10 two bedroom units.   Across Warren street, they will build 4 additional buildings that will house 34 additional units of two and three bedroom units.   Both portions of the development will be designed to be energy efficient and sustainable with the long-term operation and maintenance of the community in mind.   The development will include a clubhouse with community space, a laundry center, and a computer area.  There will be an outdoor playground with a covered pavilion.    They hope to close all of the funding rounds by April of 2017, construction will last a little over a year.  They hope to start leasing units by July of 2018.    11.2 MILLION investment.  That’s what I’m talking about!
  4. DOWNTOWN:  Our Hawkinsville DDA (Downtown Development Authority) has been very busy of late.   The city (through the DDA) has funded 25 facade grants totaling a $55,000.00 investment into our downtown.  These facade grants are restoring the look of our downtown.  It’s looking better than it has looked in DECADES!   Just ride through and take a look.    MANY MORE are coming in 2017!
  5. CABERO PARK:  Speaking of downtown, take a gander at our new and improved CABERO PARK.   A total renovation thanks to our Master Gardner Program!
  6. AIRPORT:  We are looking at ways to improve / expand our airport.   If we want to be serious about economic development, we need a way for the potential investors to come into our community.  Often they prefer to fly from city to city.  It is not a great first impression if they must land in Perry and then drive here.    So, we are in the process of acquiring the land needed to expand our runway to some 5,000 feet.  This not only will accommodate most planes, but will also qualify us for FEDERAL aviation dollars to help maintain the airport.
  7. INDUSTRIAL PARK:  Now that we have sold the spec building, we continue to look for ways to highlight our industrial park.   We are not ready to invest in another spec building, but we are contemplating having two or three PAD READY spots available.  These are locations within our park that are already graded and have utility infrastructure placed and ready.  We hope to have a 10,000 sf pad, a 50,000 sf pad, and possibly a 100,000 sf pad ready for potential developments.  We want to be PROACTIVE!
  8. BRIDGES:  Although it is going to be a major aggravation for a couple of years, our bridges are finally being replaced!    They were almost getting to the point of being DANGEROUS!   I love our bridges and I love the fact that the river crossing is RIGHT AT OUR DOWNTOWN.    Many towns are being BYPASSED, but due to the location of our bridges, Hawkinsville should never be bypassed.
  9. City Hall:   Our current city hall is too small and really showing it’s age.   We have put money in the previous SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) and our upcoming SPLOST to help us pay for a new City Hall.   This will not only give us the room that we need but will also provide additional space for our Chamber and Economic Development Efforts.    We hope to have new announcements coming soon in this area.
  10. UTILITY SOFTWARE:   FOR YEARS, I have been wanting a system that will allow CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS (for a reasonable rate) and ACH Payments and Automatic Drafts.  We want to make it easier for our customers to pay their utility bills.  New software is going online this year that will accomplish these goals.

Twitter is alot like life….


I am in the “internet industry (”, and therefore, I often embrace new trends and technologies rather quickly.    Sometimes this helps me better service my customers, sometimes, I get burned!

The Iphone was an example of getting burned.   Yes, I stood in line when the Iphone first came out and purchased one of the first.   But AT&T does NOT work well in Hawkinsville so the experience was not good.   Plus, all my friends and family were on Verizon, so my cell phone bill went through the roof!   (Now that the Iphone is on Verizon – I have come back.)

With Facebook, I fought it.   I have enough to do each day without being sucked into the mesmerizing facebook.    I finally decided I wanted to look up Kenny Reach, my college roommate, so I got on facebook.    I connected with Kenny in about 30 minutes – awesome!    But yes, I have become addicted to Facebook.    I love keeping up with family and friends and learning so much more about mere acquaintances  than ever before.   There are people now that I really really like, that honestly, I have probably never had a full 10 minute conversation with before.  Facebook is now an integral part of my business and we daily help our clients master this beast!

But Twitter was my hold out.  I kept saying, that I did not want to share with the world what I was doing every 5 minutes of the day.    But I really had it backwards.    I thought Twitter was supposed to be about ME.   But Twitter truly became alive and relevant for me when I realized Twitter was about others!   (Alot like life……).

You see, once I started “following” people with similar interests but broader world experiences, I began learning.   As I follow Entrepreneurs that have been very successful, I have garnered ideas and suggestions that hopefully have made my company more successful.    As I follow the tweets of Godly men and women, hopefully, their witness has helped to shape my life into a better representation of Christ.    As I follow my friends and family, I am more aware of the everyday pains and feelings that they experience which hopefully, makes me a better friend.

I once read that the only difference between you NOW and you five years from now is…  The books that you read and the people that you associate with…    I believe that.    And I am now using Twitter to “associate” with people that I want to become.  People that have succeeded in areas of their life that are also important to me.    While I originally thought of Twitter as a “bullhorn” for me, It has become a “stereo” of multiple personalities and traits that I aspire too become.

Yes, I tweet.  @shellyb    I want to contribute to this new found community that I find myself apart of.   But it is not about being heard….  It’s about hearing….


It isn’t vain to LIKE your own facebook posts…..

facebook-logoHOW VAIN!   “Did you notice that he LIKED his very own Facebook post?”   Actually, while sometimes this IS a form of vanity, often it is just a case of the poster knowing exactly what he is doing.

Facebook is always making modifications to their user interface.   And one not too long ago was the addition of the “Ticker” on the right hand side of your screen.    Previously, you would see ALL of your friends posts, but now you only see a few that are selected by Facebook.   Unless your friends LIKE or comment on your posts often, your posts may stop appearing in their newsfeed.     So to compensate for not showing your posts to all your friends, Facebook added the “Ticker.”

However, if you LIKE your own post, that action is NOTED in your friends TICKER, which gives them a chance to see your post EVEN if it does not appear in their newsfeed.

So the next time you see one of your friends “Like” their own post, it might not be just plain vanity.  It might simply be giving YOU the opportunity to check out a post that you might not otherwise have ever sway.    I am going to begin “Liking” all my own posts.   You should too!    

Also, if you enjoy MY posts, I recommend you LIKE them often, otherwise, they might just stop appearing in your feeds altogether.   

Shelly Berryhill

Favorite Things –

ifttt-bannerIf this then that.  That’s a mouth full.   But this online site does a lot.   It basically allows you to connect different online sites and apps together.   It’s really incredible.

Basically, you go to the website and make recipes.  These “recipes” connect different apps and perform instructions in one app based on what transpired in another app.  The best way to describe it is just to give you examples of the “recipes” that I currently have setup.

IF someone tags me in a picture on Facebook, THEN THAT picture is automatically downloaded and placed into my GOOGLE DRIVE / PICTURES folder.

IF I star an email within Gmail, THEN THAT email is automatically placed as a TO DO Item in the software TODOist.

IF I miss a phone call, then that contact and number is automatically added as a TO DO Item (return phone call) in the software TODOist.

IF my Iphone detects I am within proximity of my house, THEN THAT Phillips Hue lights will turn on and perform a rainbow dance – letting everyone know that I am home!

IF my NEST thermostat detects I am away from the house, THEN THAT Phillips Hue Lights will all be turned off – automatically (and the door locks also).

IF I say “Alexa, I’m hot” to my Amazon Echo, THEN THAT will trigger my NEST thermostat to lower by 5 degrees.

IF my Iphone detects I am in the area where we walk our dogs, THEN my wife will automatically receive a text that “Shelly is walking the dogs”.

IF my Iphone detects I have entered Harvey’s, THEN my wife will automatically receive a text that “I am in the grocery store, text me any items that you know we might need.”

IF ESPN announces a final score involving Ga. Tech, then that score will automatically be texted to me.  And if Ga Tech is the winner, all the lights in the house will flash in excitement.

IF it begins to rain THEN change the light colors to blue.

IF I change my Facebook profile pic, THEN automatically change my instagram profile picture to the same.

These are just a few.  You get the idea.  There are hundreds and hundreds of apps that you can utilize.   Check it out!



Favorite Things – Blink


The ultra-affordable, totally wire-free smart HD home monitoring and alert system.

Meet Blink, the one-of-a-kind, battery-powered home monitoring system that’s simple to set up and equally easy to use.  Its stylish, totally wire-free design houses innovative HD video technology, plus motion and temperature sensors, to deliver instant home insight through the Blink app directly to my iphone.

Basically Blink is a video camera that takes short clips (10 to 30 seconds) whenever it is armed and detects motion.

When I leave the house, I can arm my blink cameras.   Then, during the day, should any of them detect motion, It will film a 30 second video and send me a text message.  I can then log into my blink app and see the video.   “Oh yeah, today is the day the exterminator comes, so its just him.”   “What is Kyle doing home from college?”   I have three cameras strategically placed around my house so if anyone enters – I’ll know it.   I can see them and hear them!  I can even click on my app and see LIVE VIDEO from any of the cameras – at any time from any where!

I really like Blink but it is brand new.   Currently, it does NOT integrate with IFTTT or my other home automation stuff.   I look forward to the day when it will – and I am sure it will soon.   I look forward to when I can program it so that when my NEST thermometer detects that no one is home, BLINK can be automatically armed.   Or visa-versa:  When I arm BLINK, then NEST should go to its AWAY settings.    Or maybe, if my DEN BLINK detects motion, then automatically turn on the lights in that room.



Favorite Things – NEST Thermostats

nest-thermostat-featuredThe Nest Learning Thermostat automatically adapts as your life and the seasons change. Just use it for a week and it programs itself.

If NEST learns that I wake up every morning at 5:30 and immediately hit the thermostat to raise the temp by 5 degrees, then NEST will begin AUTOMATICALLY having the temp adjusted so that it is the temperature that I desire at 5:30 am.

As NEST learns that the house is empty by 8 a.m. each day, it will automatically adjust itself so as to not run while no one is home.   Sure, I can program in a schedule, but why?  I let NEST learn our patterns and schedule itself to be the most energy efficient possible.

Let’s say I am leaving work on a cold cold day.  Before leaving, I can use my smartphone and tell NEST to have the house at 75 degrees before I get home.   It’ll do it!

Or why should I even have to tell it.   I can program NEST to automatically adjust to my desired temperature whenever my car leaves my office.   It knows I am on my way home, so let’s get the house comfortable.

NEST can also communicate with my other home automation systems.   NEST senses when no one is home, so I can have all my lights automatically turn off when NEST senses no one is there.

If I tell my Amazon Echo that “Alexa, I’m Hot”, it will automatically lower NEST by 5 degrees.  Or “Alexa, I’m Cold” will automatically raise the temp by 5 degrees.

The Nest Thermostat is just one part of my heating and cooling system. But it can keep an eye on the rest of it. I get an alert on my phone if there’s something wrong – like temperatures are so low my pipes could burst. And if it looks like my furnace is acting up, the Nest Thermostat will send me an alert.

Nest shows you how much energy you use every day in Energy History and every month in your Home Report. So you can see when you use more energy, like on weekends or Monday nights, and how to use less.

NEST not only saves me money by programming itself to be the most energy efficient possible, but it also makes my life more comfortable.


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