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It isn’t vain to LIKE your own facebook posts…..

facebook-logoHOW VAIN!   “Did you notice that he LIKED his very own Facebook post?”   Actually, while sometimes this IS a form of vanity, often it is just a case of the poster knowing exactly what he is doing.

Facebook is always making modifications to their user interface.   And one not too long ago was the addition of the “Ticker” on the right hand side of your screen.    Previously, you would see ALL of your friends posts, but now you only see a few that are selected by Facebook.   Unless your friends LIKE or comment on your posts often, your posts may stop appearing in their newsfeed.     So to compensate for not showing your posts to all your friends, Facebook added the “Ticker.”

However, if you LIKE your own post, that action is NOTED in your friends TICKER, which gives them a chance to see your post EVEN if it does not appear in their newsfeed.

So the next time you see one of your friends “Like” their own post, it might not be just plain vanity.  It might simply be giving YOU the opportunity to check out a post that you might not otherwise have ever sway.    I am going to begin “Liking” all my own posts.   You should too!    

Also, if you enjoy MY posts, I recommend you LIKE them often, otherwise, they might just stop appearing in your feeds altogether.   

Shelly Berryhill

Why Now?

Okay, after posting several pieces about events in the life of the City of Hawkinsville, I am starting to get several people asking me – “why are you doing that?”. So here’s why…

It is my hope that by opening up dialog on social media (this blog, twitter, facebook, etc.) that people will offer suggestions, critiques, comments, and ideas that will help. I certainly don’t have all the answers but as a group, maybe we CAN find the answers. I am hoping to pull in a diversity of opinions that can only help us! At least I hope that will be the case!

Comment and tell me if you agree or am I wasting my time.


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