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Consolidation continues? Zoning Boards to merge

zoning map

Well, the citizens decided against consolidating Hawkinsville and Pulaski County governments.    However, that is not stopping the respective governments from continuing to work together to consolidate services whenever it makes sense.   We are now working with County Commissioner M.A. “Butch” Hall to consolidate the zoning ordinances and zoning boards of Hawkinsville and Pulaski County.

We will utilize ONE set of zoning ordinances, ONE county wide zoning map, and ONE zoning board to hear zoning requests.    This move will not only save a little money (we pay our zoning board members AND the county pays their zoning board members), but it will also make things more consistent and easier for our citizens.    A citizen can get the maps, forms, ordinances, etc from EITHER government.

We will continue to look for ways to make our respective governments more responsive, better fiscal stewards, and better listeners to our citizens.  If you have any input on this or any issue, please respond below.  I look forward to your thoughts….


Board Appointments – July, 2010

Wow, It really worked.    My previous posts asking for persons willing to serve on our boards paid off.   I got two responses and BOTH of them were appointed to boards during tonights City of Hawkinsville Commission meeting.    Clif Pritchett was appointed to the city’s Planning and Zoning Board and Milton Sutherlin was appointed to the Hawkinsville Urban Redevelopment Board.   It is great to have citizens WANTING to serve this great community.   My hats off to you guys!!!

Board Appointments….

The City Commission of Hawkinsville has several boards and authorities that currently have vacancies.    If you live within the city limits (a legal requirement) and would be interested in serving the citizens of this community, let me know.

Some of the vacancies include…

Hawkinsville Housing Authority
Hawkinsville Industrial Development Authority
Hawkinsville Urban Redevelopment Authority
Downtown Development Authority
Better Hometown Committee
Historic Preservation Committee
Hawkinsville Zoning Board

and many others.      Again, we need volunteers, so if you are interested, let me know…..


City of Hawkinsville ZONING MAPS

As of June, 2010, the City of Hawkinsville now has a complete new set of ZONING MAPS.   The maps were produced by the Regional Commission for the city.   Prior to these maps, if a person wanted to know what a particular parcel was zoned – good luck.   You had to find the 30 year old zoning map and then go through years and years worth of zoning board minutes to see if it had ever been rezoned.   It was ridiculous.      Now, codes enforcement officer, Keith Carter, has the maps (along with city hall) and is diligent about keeping the maps current.

Although I have a lot of libertarian thoughts rattling in my head, I do believe that zoning laws are good.   They help us manage our growth and have planned improvements in designated areas.  It helps to protect property values of adjoining properties.  It allows one to feel confident about the neighborhood or community in which they are investing their dollars.

The county has also followed suit and we know have zoning throughout Pulaski County as well.


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