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Is your GMAIL account filling up?


Find Big Mail is a great app to use if your GMAIL account is filling up.    My personal gmail account is 30 gig in size (I purchase extra space), but I am already using over 17 gig or over 50% of my space.   In comes FIND BIG MAIL.     Running this program told me… “75.8% of my Gmail space is used by 3.3% of my mail.”    WOW!   It then labeled the biggest offenders right in GMAIL for me to look at and delete what I could.    I had 398 emails over 10mb, 451 emails over 5mb, and 2088 emails over 1mb.       After running this program, I was able to delete many large files and got my gmail account to only 13 gig or 35% of my available space.   Just a quick tip for you gmail users!

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