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Sunday 10/12/14: Update on Mom

A very tough day.    bottom line is that mom has ALOT going on.  But the main issue is that they have found a 2″ x 3″ brain tumor.   The tumor is terminal.   it is very aggressive and best case is probably a 6 month time frame.   However, the brain tumor is not her only issue.

She has a blood clot in her lungs.   The blood clot cannot be treated because blood thinners would cause the tumor to be worse.  She has an aneurism in her aorta.   She has another tumor also somewhere in her abdomen.   Also, within the last three days she has had a stroke.   AND they have found evidence of a past heart attack which has weakened her heart.


Mom is a very sick lady.    At this point, we are waiting on Social Services to come in to discuss Hospice and Comfort Care.   Our goal is to get her home soon and keep her pain free.    We are hoping she can get cognizant enough to actually talk with us.   If not, we can deal with that too.

If the brain tumor continues, she may have a few months.   If the clot or aneurism decide to misbehave, then she could leave us at anytime.

She is still at the Houston Medical Center.   Social Services will arrive tomorrow to discuss Hospice and Comfort care.

This is hard, but God is in control.   We would like her to regain enough cognitive ability to tell her bye, but our main prayer is that God be glorified in whatever happens.


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