Rocket Book Wave

RocketbookPaper Notebooks aren’t at risk of being completely replaced by laptops, tablets and computers just yet, but they could still stand to be a little smarter.  In comes RocketBook Wave!

I take notes in this notebook, just like any other notebook.   However, when done, I can open an app on my cell phone, take a picture of the page and the page will be instantly sent to either my email, another email, my dropbox, my evernote, my google drive, or other cloud service automatically.   Or it can be sent to any combination of the above.   It’s pretty awesome.

At the bottom of each of the Rocketbook’s pages is a set of seven icons, what the company calls magic buttons. Each button can be assigned to a location in the cloud, meaning that all your scribbles on that particular page will be sent directly to wherever you’d like them to go. Need those lecture notes compiled neatly in your university Evernote folder? Or perhaps that inspired series of illustrations sent to Dropbox? Then just mark the relevant magic button.

Best of all when my Rocketbook Wave Notebook is full, I don’t have to buy another: using heat-erasable Pilot Frixion pens to write, microwaving the notebook for a few minutes (and until its blue cover logo turns white) will erase all of its pages for a fresh start.

That’s right.   When my notebook fills up, I just nuke it for a few minutes and it’s empty again.    But since I saved everything to evernote and/or dropbox, my musings are safe forever!


About Shelly Berryhill

I am a serial entrepreneur. My interests include website building, monetization of websites, and local politics.

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