Information on the Housing Market in Pulaski County

As a Real Estate Appraiser, I am keenly attuned to the upturns and downturns in the Real Estate Market.   Especially as it affects Pulaski County.   I thought I’d give a brief overview on the current and historical sales information for homes in our area.   I found it interesting, I hope you do also:

The Median home values for homes in Pulaski County is $86,800.   (National median home value is $185,800).   The county is currently experiencing a 0.2% appreciation rate compared to the national average of 3.7%.

The Median age of homes for Pulaski county is 35 years (National average is 37 years).

53.3% of Pulaski Citizens own their own home compared to 56.3% nationally.

31% of our homes are rented with 15.7% of them vacant.  The average rental cost is slightly over $600/month.

Our unemployment rate is 6.0% which is down from 9% in 2011.  We have also gone from a -6% job growth rate to a +2.0% job grown rate in this same time period.

We sold about 49 homes last year in Pulaski County, with a median sales price of around $105,000.   Homes tend to sale at about 95% of their listing price.  Homes tend to sit on the market for about 45-80 days.    3 homes sold last month for an average price of $135,500 but they sat on the market for an average of 164 days.

*This data was compiled from Central Ga. MLS.   Not all home sales go through this MLS.   Many are owner sold directly without a Realtor.  Not all Realtors report to Central Ga. MLS.  Therefore, this information is incomplete, but it does serve as a trend analysis.


About Shelly Berryhill

I am a serial entrepreneur. My interests include website building, monetization of websites, and local politics.

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  1. Shelly this is such good information. I am excited at the positive things happening here in Hawkinsville/Pulaski County. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Mrs Annette J. Hill

    Thanks. Good info. Your blogs are always interesting.


  3. I have a lot in Hawkinsville , it on the golf course, I would like to list it. Can you call me on Tues. 20 th June to discuss it. Tel number is 705-300-4217, If not may I call you.
    P Brown.


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