Why Now?

Okay, after posting several pieces about events in the life of the City of Hawkinsville, I am starting to get several people asking me – “why are you doing that?”. So here’s why…

It is my hope that by opening up dialog on social media (this blog, twitter, facebook, etc.) that people will offer suggestions, critiques, comments, and ideas that will help. I certainly don’t have all the answers but as a group, maybe we CAN find the answers. I am hoping to pull in a diversity of opinions that can only help us! At least I hope that will be the case!

Comment and tell me if you agree or am I wasting my time.


About Shelly Berryhill

I am a serial entrepreneur. My interests include website building, monetization of websites, and local politics.

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  1. Not crazy at all….great to open a dialogue….been reading since your earlier post about grass the Orange Hill….that was repulsive….I am not as “excited” about he delapidated housing as some though if declared they should be taken down…then do it with no delay…no hesitation…..but cut the grass at the cemetary…the least we can do is honor our fallen with dignity….


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