Skate Board Park

shhhhhh…..   Is anyone listening?   This is still a secret……

I am trying to explore the possibility of the City of Hawkinsville adding a skateboard park in town.   My goals are to provide an outdoor skate/rollerblade park for our kids in this community at little or no cost to the City.      So far, with the help of the Middle Ga. Regional Commission, we have located several funding sources that will provide grants for just such parks.

Our goal is to put this park next to the water tower on McCormick Avenue where there used to be an old basketball court.

Kids are skateboarding all around town now and often end up on both private and public property.    When these kids skate on surfaces that are not designed for skating, there is increased danger of hurting both the skater and the surface/item on which they are skating.     Cordele has an outdoor park very similar to what we are shooting for.    Macon has a large indoor park that is privately owned.    Warner Robins is currently raising local funds to provide a park in their community.     My goal is that we can do this with 100% grant funding…..

So, alright blog fans….   I’ve let you in on my secret.    So in exchange, for being in the know….    I’d like your opinion….

Should I continue to pursue?   Do we need this?   Thoughts?  Concerns?

Let me know…..


About Shelly Berryhill

I am a serial entrepreneur. My interests include website building, monetization of websites, and local politics.

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  1. Sounds like a good idea. Kids are plugged in too much nowadays, so anything positive that gets them out and active is great.


  2. I have no problem and don’t think most folks will except those who live close by. Don’t think most skateboarders use watches!


  3. That would be fantastic! My kids used to skate (or try to around here) and there weren’t many places to go. We have visited other cities with great skate parks, some run by the Parks and Rec and others just open parks. Some required helmets, pads, and waivers, others didn’t.

    Skaters aren’t bad kids but they sure get treated like they are!


  4. I think that’s a FANTASTIC idea! While leaving work everyday, I see young boys skating over at Broad St. Baptist Church. It’s obvious this is something in which there is much interest. Why not provide something constructive, not to mention a form of exercise, for our kids to do?? I say, GO FOR IT! 🙂


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