Cemetery Grass Cutting Update

I brought up my disappointment with the condition of the grass at Orange Hill Cemetery tonight at the City of Hawkinsville Commission meeting.   I had not been the only person to notice.    The Commission has instructed city administration to do the following:

1.  Get the grass cut immediately

2.  Report back to us the estimated yearly cost of keeping the cemetery in top condition.

3.  Solicit some bids from local landscaping companies in order to ascertain the feasibility of privatizing this function of the city.

I am not sure exactly where the fault lies on this one.   Did some one not perform as asked?   Did the administration not put the correct priority on the condition of the cemetery?   Did the city commission not allocate enough budgetary support, ie, are we too short handed due to staffing reductions to handle this item correctly?    If the answer is one of the first two options, then someone needs yelling at.   If the answer is the third, then we request that city administration yell at us.   If we are not providing the funds necessary to accomplish adequate maintenance, then we either need to increase the funds or reallocate money from elsewhere.


About Shelly Berryhill

I am a serial entrepreneur. My interests include website building, monetization of websites, and local politics.

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  1. Jimmie Lee Davis

    Bravo for you! Orange Hill Cemetery is a very special place for my family due to all the relatives we have buried there. And you would not believe all the visitors that come to research relatives buried there. I’ve met up with folks from Florida, Texas, Alabama, etc. who were there looking for relatives and most of them were spending several days in Hawkinsville. Therefore, I think we should put our ‘Best Foot Forward’, so to speak……It is an asset to Hawkinsville, Pulaski County, GA!


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