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Skate Board Park

shhhhhh…..   Is anyone listening?   This is still a secret……

I am trying to explore the possibility of the City of Hawkinsville adding a skateboard park in town.   My goals are to provide an outdoor skate/rollerblade park for our kids in this community at little or no cost to the City.      So far, with the help of the Middle Ga. Regional Commission, we have located several funding sources that will provide grants for just such parks.

Our goal is to put this park next to the water tower on McCormick Avenue where there used to be an old basketball court.

Kids are skateboarding all around town now and often end up on both private and public property.    When these kids skate on surfaces that are not designed for skating, there is increased danger of hurting both the skater and the surface/item on which they are skating.     Cordele has an outdoor park very similar to what we are shooting for.    Macon has a large indoor park that is privately owned.    Warner Robins is currently raising local funds to provide a park in their community.     My goal is that we can do this with 100% grant funding…..

So, alright blog fans….   I’ve let you in on my secret.    So in exchange, for being in the know….    I’d like your opinion….

Should I continue to pursue?   Do we need this?   Thoughts?  Concerns?

Let me know…..


Digital Billboards Going GREAT!

Hopefully, you have noticed by now one of our many digital billboards located in many area restaurants.    47″ to 60″ displays are located in 27 locations throughout Georgia!

We are offering advertising on these digital displays for low monthly fees.   Ads start at just $29/month.  The ads can be changed as often as you like.   Multiple display packages are available.    These ads are reaching the people in each of these communities with DISPOSABLE INCOME.    And you can’t help but watch the displays when you are in these locations.  We are trained since birth to watch TV!!!!   In addition to the ads, the displays also have up-to-the-minute news and weather.    Humorous and thought provoking quotes and trivia are also there.   If you would like more information about advertising on one of these displays, or if YOUR location would be a good spot, just shoot me an email at shelly@gawebservices.com

There are competitors out there, but none with a great BBB rating and LARGE 60″ screens.     Deal with people that you can trust and that will be here in the long run….

Give us a holler today.   Email or call 478-787-0143

updated 1-17-14

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