Dual Bridges Remain – Hawkinsville WINS


The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has now officially informed the City of Hawkinsville that it is abandoning their previous plans to replace our dual bridges over the Ocmulgee river with a single, four lane bridge.   Previously, GDOT had informed Hawkinsville of their plans to demolish both of our bridges and replace them with one, four lane bridge on the Broad Street side.   When the Hawkinsville City council heard this news, they immediately sprang into action.   They unanimously passed a resolution voicing their opposition to this plan and asked for input with GDOT, asked our local legislative representatives to help, asked GDOT Board members to help, and asked our citizens to let their voice be heard.    GDOT called for a public hearing at the Courthouse annex and the hearing was very well attended and our citizens spoke out loud and clear that they were opposed to this plan.

We were opposed to this plan for several reasons….

1.  We are KNOWN for having these dual bridges over the river.  It’s part of who we are.

2.  Rerouting all of the north bound traffic automatically to Broad Street would be more traffic than this road could bear.  There are already times that traffic backs up almost from one red light to another.   Commerce street currently handles about 40% of the volume that Broad Street Handles.  Rerouting this traffic would be TOO MUCH traffic on Broad Street.

3.  Our little downtown, like all downtowns is struggling.   Rerouting traffic AWAY from our downtown would NOT help this issue.  We need to be doing all we can to promote traffic and people TO AND THROUGH our downtown – NOT moving this traffic AWAY.  In fact, the Ga. Department of Economic Development’s TOURISM department officially told us NOT to let GDOT reroute traffic away from our downtown!!

4.  Having two bridges adds a level of comfort.  What if by nature, fluke, or some other disaster, one bridge becomes inoperable.   We still have ANOTHER bridge that will work!

5.  The Ocmulgee is fast becoming a REAL TOURIST Attraction for our city and county.   The county’s boat landing has seen many improvements over the last few years including the addition of new picnic areas, a playground and a restroom facility.  More additions are being planned.   The city’s boat landing has recently added a nature trail and CITY OF HAWKINSVILLE STEAM BOAT anchor monument.   A river overlook and walkway between our dual bridges beginning at the Veterans Memorial Park and ending at the City Boat landing is currently under construction.   We are focusing efforts on our river.  So now is NOT a time to be causing traffic problems at the city end of the bridges!

We are proud of our river and proud of our bridges!  We wanted to retain them just as they are.  We fought.  We fought hard.  WE WON!

Shelly Berryhill
Hawkinsville City Commissioner

Dual Bridges by Mike Newman

Dual Bridges by Mike Newman

About Shelly Berryhill

I am a serial entrepreneur. My interests include website building, monetization of websites, and local politics.

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