SpaceX’s success and privatization. A connection?

Elon Musk’s SpaceX did it’s job.   The company’s SpaceX capsule successfully docked with the international space station this week.    This is HUGE.   History was made with the docking of its Dragon capsule to the international space station, the most impressive feat yet in turning routine spaceflight over to the commercial sector.

It marked the first time a business enterprise delivered a supply ship to the space station.  Privatization on a massive scale.

I was a huge fan of the Space Shuttle Program.   I did a  project on it when I was a senior in High School.   I went to Cape Canaveral to watch a launch.    I spent DAYS in front of the TV when the Challenger exploded.      So, I was a little dismayed when I heard the program was ending, but in truth, it is probably for the best.    The private sector can do most things immensely better than the public sector.   Competition brings costs down and innovation up.

The privatization of this program should show us that we need to explore other ways to get Government out of our way.   People like Mr. Musk will always step up to the plate and fill the voids.     Of course, the opposite is true also.   I personally believe that if our churches and non-profits would truly fulfill their missions, Welfare and possibly even Social Security would not be needed.   But when the private fails to do it, government steps in.   It is a balancing act.     The Government certainly has a role to play, but far too often they step over the limit.

Bob Dole made a huge campaign commitment to state’s rights.    And although I totally agreed with him, I knew he could not win an election on this point.    Dole was too much of a moderate to win.  (personally, I think the same is true of Romney).

Moving power and control away from the federal government back to the states is a good thing.  Moving power and control away from the states and back to the local level is even a better thing.   Should the Fed & State have some guidelines and requirements?  Of course.   But the best person to make decisions for me is – well, ME!   The best people to make decisions for my community are my friends and neighbors – aka – the community itself.

While the SpaceX accomplishment is historical on so many levels, I think a huge statement being proclaimed is that the private sector can handle areas formerly reserved for the government.    Do away with DOE?   Yes.   Do away with the IRS? Yes (a national sales tax is the answer).   Do away with other agencies and regulations? Yes.

This is my blog – this is my opinion.   I would love to hear your thoughts…….



About Shelly Berryhill

I am a serial entrepreneur. My interests include website building, monetization of websites, and local politics.

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  1. Bay Roberson

    When the private sector matures to the point that it can handle an area, the government should step back. The market delivers feedback on what we want and need much more effectively than votes and polls. I do think regulation must exist where the market and courts are ineffective. For instance, there may be a big market for delivering Chinese nuclear waste to the sun, but I wouldn’t want it flying over my house.


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