Warner Robins Air Force Base Update



February 14, 2013


Air Force releases breakdown of state impacts due to Sequestration  


WARNER ROBINS, Ga. – As the calendar quickly approaches the Mar. 1 implementation date of the congressional imposed budget cuts known as Sequestration, Air Force leaders are ensuring there is no confusion as to the potential effects to each state in the union.

In an email to legislators on Monday, Vanessa Bolin, an Air Force legislative liaison, provided detailed charts depicting state-by-state breakdowns of civilian employees and their potential loss in pay resulting from the proposed 22 days of furlough.  They also provided charts illustrating base-by-base, detailed infrastructure impacts such as the approximate value of Facility Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (FSRM) and Military Construction (MILCON) projects that are at risk of deferment/cancellation under Sequestration.

Bolin stated the information was being provided “In order to keep the lines of communication open and our actions transparent,” but also reinforced that the actions are “by no means final.”

Georgia ranks number three in the nation as to the number of civilian employees that will be impacted by the potential furloughs with approximately 15.5 thousand workers, amounting to approximately $120.9 million in lost pay – the lions share at Robins Air Force Base.  They also show a potential loss in FSRM of 4.7 million and MILCON of 15.8 million.  Texas leads with 16.4 thousand civilian employees, followed by Oklahoma with 16-thousand.

At a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Wednesday, some members of Congress suggested Department of Defense leadership shared in the blame for the impending cuts due to their relative silence on the issue until last December.

“You know very well, just as much as anyone, how long it takes Congress to work. …And the silence that was coming out of the Pentagon, the silence that was coming out from the — from the military establishment did not help in actually presenting to the American people what this means,” said Rep. Rob Bishop (UT-01).

With the seemingly eminent crippling impacts of Sequestration on our doorstep, Maj. Gen. (ret.) Bob McMahon, President and CEO of the 21st Century Partnership is convinced Robins will fare ok if dealt the crushing blow of Sequestration.

“If I know one thing about the workforce at Robins, they have unmatched perseverance and dedication to duty,” said McMahon. “It won’t be pretty, but I have no doubt our workforce will adapt to the challenges imposed and our community will rally together in support of those impacted.”




Chrissy Miner

Chief, Operations and Communications

21st Century Partnership

Office: 478-225-9005 Ext. 2

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