Surprise me!

SurpriseI love being surprised.   As I was leaving my lunch today, a young lady spoke to me about the previous post that I did concerning pot holes.  She was giving her approval to the fact that I was trying to be responsive to the needs, while at the same time, kinda chiding me for “you were really asking for it.”    I sat down at her table to finish the conversation and finish my banana pudding dessert.

The discussion continued on local politics.   This particular 20 something young lady actually watches all of our commission meetings on ComSouth Channel 100.  She also watches all of the school board meetings on ComSouth Channel 10.  She not only watched them, but she really pays attention to them.   I spent the next 30 minutes answering questions about downtown, about the city’s pension fund, Tax Equity, about taxes, about the debt on our Spec Building, and about Industrial Development.   She was very informed about her community and asked excellent questions.

The discussion then turned to national politics, and in particular the presidential race.  She knew the candidates and their positions.  She had an opinion and could rationally share it while leaving an opening that she could be wrong.   Most people either don’t have an opinion or will defend their ill informed decision regardless of the facts.

I was surprised because this is really not the norm.   The majority of people are really pretty uninformed and/or apathetic to local government.  And to find a 20ish young lady with that much knowledge and interest was really refreshing.   I wish more people would get involved.   We have so many opportunities to serve in this town.   From the Chamber, to the Arts Council, to Relay for Life, to Rotary, Pulaski Tomorrow, and yes, even to local politics.   There are many ways to get involved.   Getting involved gives you a louder voice.   And when it comes to how groups, organizations or city commissions, are spending local monies or investing time in community projects, a loud voice helps.

Thanks for surprising me.   I love being surprised!

About Shelly Berryhill

I am a serial entrepreneur. My interests include website building, monetization of websites, and local politics.

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