2016 & the City of Hawkinsville

I am looking forward to 2016 being a great year for the city of Hawkinsville.   A Whole lot of items are on our agenda to accomplish this year.  I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know some things to expect this year.

Accounting:  We hope to drastically improve our accounting software.  This improvement should result in the City Commissioners getting much better information to utilize in making financial decisions for the city.    The improvements should also allow us to begin allowing ACH Drafts for payment of utility bills.  As well as online payments and Credit Card payments.

Downtown:  We hope to focus many of efforts this year on improving downtown.   From revamping the Classic Main Street Program to energizing the Downtown Development Authority to concentrate on bringing business to our community.   Efforts will include improving parking, clean up efforts, and offering incentives to locate in our community.

Fireworks:  Last year the state legislature passed laws allowing fireworks to be used and sold in the state of Georgia.  However, the law did not allow local governments to set up restrictions such as the locations of these sales, the locations of the use, and the times of the use.   This year the state legislature is revisiting this issue and we are hoping that they will add code that will allow local governments to have more say in these issues.

City Hall:  We hope to begin design and possibly even construction of a new city hall in Hawkinsville.   Our current one is too small and is falling down around us.   We have purchased the former Blount Warehouse on Broad Street and plan on building a new City Hall at that location.

SPLOST:  We will begin planning the next SPLOST.   SPLOST money goes toward capital projects that we could never find funding for by any other means.   Road improvements, Water and Sewer improvements, Recreation Department Improvements, etc.

Audit Changes:   We hope to be able to do more of our audit work in-house thus saving a small fortune that we spend with outside accounting firms.   D.M. Vickers & Associates will be working with us to streamline and improve our accounting methods to accomplish this goal.

Economic Development:  Working with our Chamber, United Pulaski, and the local Industrial Development Boards, we are striving hard to better the economic situation in our community.   We want to attract new industry as well as work with existing industry and businesses to compel them to expand.

City / County Cooperation:  We plan to continue to look for ways that our city and county can work together.   Cooperation should either bring about increased savings or increased inefficiencies or an increased level of customer service.

Public/Private Developments:  We are working with the new owners of the Old Taylor Regional Hospital.  Helping them to apply for state funded Tax Credits in order to fund the renovation of this building.



About Shelly Berryhill

I am a serial entrepreneur. My interests include website building, monetization of websites, and local politics.

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  1. Don’t forget the tornado siren I asked about and the reverse 911. Thanks for all you do. Amelia


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