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Favorite Things – Blink


The ultra-affordable, totally wire-free smart HD home monitoring and alert system.

Meet Blink, the one-of-a-kind, battery-powered home monitoring system that’s simple to set up and equally easy to use.  Its stylish, totally wire-free design houses innovative HD video technology, plus motion and temperature sensors, to deliver instant home insight through the Blink app directly to my iphone.

Basically Blink is a video camera that takes short clips (10 to 30 seconds) whenever it is armed and detects motion.

When I leave the house, I can arm my blink cameras.   Then, during the day, should any of them detect motion, It will film a 30 second video and send me a text message.  I can then log into my blink app and see the video.   “Oh yeah, today is the day the exterminator comes, so its just him.”   “What is Kyle doing home from college?”   I have three cameras strategically placed around my house so if anyone enters – I’ll know it.   I can see them and hear them!  I can even click on my app and see LIVE VIDEO from any of the cameras – at any time from any where!

I really like Blink but it is brand new.   Currently, it does NOT integrate with IFTTT or my other home automation stuff.   I look forward to the day when it will – and I am sure it will soon.   I look forward to when I can program it so that when my NEST thermometer detects that no one is home, BLINK can be automatically armed.   Or visa-versa:  When I arm BLINK, then NEST should go to its AWAY settings.    Or maybe, if my DEN BLINK detects motion, then automatically turn on the lights in that room.



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