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ifttt-bannerIf this then that.  That’s a mouth full.   But this online site does a lot.   It basically allows you to connect different online sites and apps together.   It’s really incredible.

Basically, you go to the website and make recipes.  These “recipes” connect different apps and perform instructions in one app based on what transpired in another app.  The best way to describe it is just to give you examples of the “recipes” that I currently have setup.

IF someone tags me in a picture on Facebook, THEN THAT picture is automatically downloaded and placed into my GOOGLE DRIVE / PICTURES folder.

IF I star an email within Gmail, THEN THAT email is automatically placed as a TO DO Item in the software TODOist.

IF I miss a phone call, then that contact and number is automatically added as a TO DO Item (return phone call) in the software TODOist.

IF my Iphone detects I am within proximity of my house, THEN THAT Phillips Hue lights will turn on and perform a rainbow dance – letting everyone know that I am home!

IF my NEST thermostat detects I am away from the house, THEN THAT Phillips Hue Lights will all be turned off – automatically (and the door locks also).

IF I say “Alexa, I’m hot” to my Amazon Echo, THEN THAT will trigger my NEST thermostat to lower by 5 degrees.

IF my Iphone detects I am in the area where we walk our dogs, THEN my wife will automatically receive a text that “Shelly is walking the dogs”.

IF my Iphone detects I have entered Harvey’s, THEN my wife will automatically receive a text that “I am in the grocery store, text me any items that you know we might need.”

IF ESPN announces a final score involving Ga. Tech, then that score will automatically be texted to me.  And if Ga Tech is the winner, all the lights in the house will flash in excitement.

IF it begins to rain THEN change the light colors to blue.

IF I change my Facebook profile pic, THEN automatically change my instagram profile picture to the same.

These are just a few.  You get the idea.  There are hundreds and hundreds of apps that you can utilize.   Check it out!



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