A Step in the right direction…

Hawkinville just received ANOTHER grant.   It is for $100,000 to help develop the first part of the river walk located at our city boat landing.   Eventually, we hope to have a pathway that extends from the city boat landing (located north of the incoming 341 Bridge) to the county boat landing.  That’s about a mile stretch.  Needless to say, this will take many many year to accomplish but all journey’s begin with a step.   And this grant is certainly a “step” in the right direction.   The Ocmulgee River is one of our greatest assests and we have been negligent in not exploiting its potential.

If I am counting right, the city of Hawkinsville can now boast of receiving almost 2 million dollars (that $2,000,000) in grants over the last few years.   These grants are helping us improve our quality of life (enhancing our river area, improving the lighting at the Opera House), and improving our aging infrastructure (water and sewage grants along sixth street and Orchard Subdivision), to helping develop affordable workforce housing (which will help us attract industry – which means JOBS)!!!.

A portion of these grants is helping to develop the Cotton Mill Lofts (the old Leshner/PillowTex Mill by the River) into affordable housing as well as a community farmer’s market to help our AG community.    A group of us are going to Fitzgerald on Tuesday to see how they have managed and marketed their very successful community market there!

A portion of these grants is helping to finish the infrastructure at our industrial park (and at our Spec Building).    While this land/building has certainly cost the city money, I applaud the forward thinking commissioners that decided to invest in our future.    Ask any realtor, It’s hard to sell a house without a FOR SALE sign out front.   Well, it’s tough to sell a community with out a SPEC BUILDING and LAND available also.

With this economy, our steps are often baby steps, but I honestly believe that we are making steps in the right direction…..


About Shelly Berryhill

I am a serial entrepreneur. My interests include website building, monetization of websites, and local politics.

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  1. It sounds like the economic and development team for the city of Hawkinsville are a very progressive bunch. I like that you guys are taking a comprehensive approach to revitalizing the city. I’m sure im working on limited information here but I think that getting your chamber of commerce and city to more aggressively target and allocate resources for small business incubation and development is the key ingredient missing. Also, whatever happened to the skatepark idea that was floating out their?


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