It was a dozen years ago this week.  I went on a mission trip to Honduras.   I saw such a degree of poverty that i had never witnessed before.  yet, i also saw an appreciative and happy people.    I saw four boys sharing one lolipop.   I saw entire families waiting to get our discarded ICE and have what amounted to an ice cream party.   I was touched.  Then I come home that same week to a Thanksgiving spread of my grandmother’s doing that would have feed the entire country.    It was so good, but for once, my grandmother’s cooking was difficult to eat.  All I could think about was how blessed i really was, and how unappreciative I often am of these blessings.   We live in a great country and really don’t know the meaning of sacrifice.   yes, we have sad moments and tough times, but comparatively speaking, we are all so blessed.    I hope you and your family realize your blessings this year.    Mainly, realize the sacrifice that Christ gave – His Life – so you and I could enjoy in His fellowship – The biggest blessing of all!

About Shelly Berryhill

I am a serial entrepreneur. My interests include website building, monetization of websites, and local politics.

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