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The Hawkinsville Dual Bridges

Hawkinsville is a great, small, community located in Middle Georgia.   The Golden Isles parkway goes right through the middle of our wonderful town.   While most cities on Highway 341 have been bypassed, due to the location of our dual bridges, Hwy 341 comes right through the middle of our town.

Currently we have two bridges that are 1 city block apart from each other.   The “Commerce Street” bridge handles the northbound (inbound) traffic coming from Eastman, Ga.   The “Broad Street” bridge handles the southbound (outgoing) traffic going toward Eastman.   It has been this way since the late 1950’s.
Our downtown is located on Commerce Street which was the “main” street during the 50’s.   Due to the dual bridge situation, and the increase in traffic that resulted on Broad Street, that street has also developed into a major business district as well.  In fact, today, Broad Street carries the heaviest traffic burden.    Commerce Street handles about 40-45% of the volume that Broad Street currently handles.
We became aware of a DOT proposal this summer.   They are proposing that both bridges be torn down and that the Broad Street bridge be replaced with a 4 lane incoming & outgoing bridge.     The city leadership and the majority of the citizens of Hawkinsville are very much AGAINST this proposal.  In fact, the City Commissioners voted UNANIMOUSLY to oppose this plan.    We are in opposition of this plan for 3 primary reasons: Read the rest of this entry


It was a dozen years ago this week.  I went on a mission trip to Honduras.   I saw such a degree of poverty that i had never witnessed before.  yet, i also saw an appreciative and happy people.    I saw four boys sharing one lolipop.   I saw entire families waiting to get our discarded ICE and have what amounted to an ice cream party.   I was touched.  Then I come home that same week to a Thanksgiving spread of my grandmother’s doing that would have feed the entire country.    It was so good, but for once, my grandmother’s cooking was difficult to eat.  All I could think about was how blessed i really was, and how unappreciative I often am of these blessings.   We live in a great country and really don’t know the meaning of sacrifice.   yes, we have sad moments and tough times, but comparatively speaking, we are all so blessed.    I hope you and your family realize your blessings this year.    Mainly, realize the sacrifice that Christ gave – His Life – so you and I could enjoy in His fellowship – The biggest blessing of all!

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